What You Eat Might Help Your Brain

Recently I’ve been doing some research on what might help your brain health. Since last fall I have been taking the doTerra Long Life Vitality pack, a whole food supplement trio, daily. While they are whole food supplements, they are low in some critical anti-oxidants and para-hormomes that I believe I need for brain health.
Map of the human mitochondrial genomeI ordered some supplements based on my research. The supplements that I chose were Glutathione and PQQ.  I picked these two because they seem to work together to grow mitochondrial DNA cells. Growing mitochondrial cells is important to me given a family history of dementia, a disease that shrinks your brain. To me it makes sense that growing mitochondrial cells might help your brain prevent shrinkage.

I chose specifically the spray glutathione because your body breaks it down if you take it by mouth. Plus, I know from my fast allergic reaction to an oral rinse during recently dental work just how fast oral application can work! I do feel a bit more clarity after a week on the supplements. I will continue for a month and update you on whether it is helping. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the research this site gathers it up.

Foods that Help Your Brain

Let’s face it, getting nutrition from supplements, even whole food ones, is not the idea situation. Even when they are geared to local dietary patterns like doTerra’s LLC pack, the amounts can be low for someone like me who is building or rebuilding their body.

I found this interesting video (censored by TED :roll: ) about eating to help your brain. While Paleo may be a start this Hunter –  Gatherer diet goes even further and may serve to help your brain. Check it out.

Let me know what you think about this Hunter-Gatherer diet. Meanwhile I will order some kale chips from Vitacost. I am firm believer in taking action – even imperfect action – immediately. So at least get started and order some healthy snacks. You will also earn a $10 coupon if you use that link above. Healthy snack AND ten bucks! Sweet, right?

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Aromatherapy Studies

This winter I have been officially studying aromatherapy. Chemistry and everything! 😮  For years I have dabbled around with essential oils. About a year and a half ago I enrolled as a Wellness Advocate with doTerra. I love their certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils so I decided to enroll in Aromatherapy Studies in the fall.

Of course, my aromatherapy studies were delayed when my mom died. I’m just back to the course now. I was reminded that I will require some case studies to complete the course. So keep that in mind. I will need five volunteers next month who want some aromatherapy support.

aromatherapyAromatherapy Studies Cuts Across Disciplines

One of the things I love about essential oils (besides how fast they can assist) is that you can use any of the various medicinal disciplines. So if you are familiar with Chinese medicine, you can look at the ying/yang balance of the oils. If you prefer an electromagnetic approach, you can look at the positive/negative charge. Polarity is another possibility, as are the Elements. So no matter which discipline you are familiar with, you have a base of knowledge for aromatherapy studies.

Why Study Aromatherapy?

Call me odd but I wanted to become more familiar with the chemistry so that I could blend my own oils for the Metacostal Church of Illuminaughty. After the release of the customer list for Ashley Madison last year, and the resounding lack of discussion about sexual dysfunction and shame in our culture, I decided to start the discussion. Go check it out….

Any way, essential oils work on the limbic system of your brain, the parasympathetic system – sort of the source of your emotions. I knew that I could create some blends to assist people in overcoming their sexual issues. I have about six blends that I’m working on right now. They are in beta testing as I write this 😉  I knew that aromatherapy studies would really help me create just the right blend for people. So contact me if you’d like to be a beta tester.

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New Year in February

New year in February? Seems like I’m not the only one feeling like the year has not begun yet,. I’m estimating based on the number of Facebook memes I’ve seen lately. In Human Design the year actually does start in February. So screw convention. Start your new year any month you want, just make a plan.

My New Year Plan


I will also be offering Aromatherapy services: consultations, certified therapeutic grade oil sales, workshops and personalized blending. Aromatherapy is something I have studied since the 1980s. I’m proud to have recently completed an official aromatherapist course.

Tropical Retreats

My new year plan will include the new Personalized Tropical Retreats. These themed retreats are in addition to the vacation rentals. I’m excited to start them next month. These personalized retreats are an extension of my coaching services. If you are looking for more creativity or just to relax in the warm sunshine, check out the retreats.


With the Joyful Artist Studio, we’ll have an Artist’s Way group starting in April. The Artist’s Way group is closed once it begins. The  is a 12 week self-exploration that helps you recognize your creativity and get it back on track. This one usually sells out. There is limited space available for the book club so if you are interested, confirm early!

My new year plan also included cutting some services. I have trimmed my legal offerings to uncontested adoptions and lawyer training. After 30 years, that was a big decision that has been in the making since 1989. It can be difficult to say No, but it’s something we must do at times.

I go through a series of questions each new year. If you would like a copy for yourself, jump over here and tell  me where to send it.

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Second Saturn Return Sabbatical

On top of my mom’s death, I am in my second Saturn return. It’s been quite a ride since last fall. The time when Saturn, governor of structures, returns to the exact same position as when we were born.Your first Saturn return occurs at the end of your 20s. The second one at the end of your 50s. It is a time during which all that is not the essential you falls away or is ripped away.

Indeed for me everything is falling away. Beliefs I had all my life are not true. People I thought were true were not. No inheritance. No childhood home to return to. No contact with someone who called me his daughter and who wholeheartedly somehow believes that the fracture is all MY fault. For someone with the Fourth House placements that I have in my natal chart, these have all been devastating events coming forth from the second Saturn return.

Second Saturn Return Sabbatical

It is indeed a luxury to be able to have a sabbatical at this time…well, anytime really. Our society doesn’t exactly support going off for a time of reflection.  Days filled with meditation, prayer, writing and painting are opening my heart chakra again.

Having been born in a Mercury retrograde, I tend to gain clarity when I review and revise during the retrogrades. That’s exactly what’s been happening during these few weeks. A new routine of painting and writing daily. Meditating with Panache Desai and Matt Kahn materials. Reading their books. Pondering. It really is glorious.

Phoenix Rising

As I gain more clarity I will be announcing new plans and a new structure for my businesses. Some of these developments surprise even me, since they amount to almost a 180 degree turn in where I was headed. So stay tuned. It’s all coming together.

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Slowly Rejoining the World

This week I am rejoining the world.

It has been some time since I was able to sit and write. Many long months in fact.. So now that I am on the other side of my mother’s death, I can see that I slipped into depression. Depression lurks around the edges of my life and often masquerades as irritability.

So here is a post to relaunch and rejoin the world.

I wasn’t always sure that I wanted to stay but now I am. (If you want someone to LISTEN try 7cups.org  It’s free and they really do listen.


So my new Rejoining the World Mission is to spend some serious time pondering the question,

What would the Divine do in this situation?

I will be wandering around while my house is rented. (I decided it is time for it to support itself.) And that’s the question I will asking myself as I make my effort to rejoin society.

I don’t have any preconceived ideas of where I will end up. I could end up coming back to rejoin the legal world or i could end up moving somewhere completely different. All doors are open and I am taking the first steps out.

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How to Be Good Enough

I’m not good enough.

I’m unworthy.

I’m not lovable.

Did you find yourself catching your breath when you read those lines?


How many times have you felt those beliefs creeping up on you?

Not being enough seems to be an epidemic in our current society. None of us came from perfect childhoods so everyone has some degree of “not enough” in their beliefs. If we think that thought over and over, it makes a little pathway in our brains.

Since we all think thoughts that we aren’t good enough and since childhood is where much of this stems from, each journey to being enough is unique. There is a common question which all of us can ask to help start the process of feeling good enough.

Are you ready? Here’s the question

How Am I Enough?

Go ahead. Make a list of each and every way that you ARE enough. Stop focusing on lack. Focus on all the ways you are enough. This is a good first step toward becoming good enough.

Are You Acting Like You Are Good Enough?

One excellent indicator is the level of your self-care. So how have you been treating yourself? Like the King or Queen you are? Like a child of God? Or have you been treating yourself like you aren’t good enough?

If you just realized that you have been treating yourself like crap, don’t despair. Start being nicer to yourself. You are enough just as you are right here and now.  Release habits and patterns that limit you from feeling good enough. Take good care of your precious self.

If you would like to learn more about how to be enough, I invite you to watch this video with Teal Swan.

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Be Yourself – Not So Simple Right?

The answer to the question that’s been looking for you your whole life:

Just Be Yourself.


But what does that meanbe yourself.

We are good it just being yourself when we’re young and again when we’re old. It’s the middle years that get so confused and you lose yourself.

How do you be yourself after you’ve become so self conscious? 

I believe that’s why so many couples get divorced around age 40 – the confused middle years. You lose who you are so it becomes impossible to stay part of a coupleship. You leave because you “Need to be yourself.”

If you could become the woman of your Dreams

Who Would You Be on Your Best Day Ever?

What if everything you learned so far is wrong?

What values do you truly hold? Have you taken a look at what you believe?

What if everything is happening for your benefit, even when it doesn’t look like your version of “good” when it’s happening?

Be yourself….so simple and complex. Take some time to reflect on who you are and what you really believe. Once you are clear on what you believe it becomes more simple to be yourself. You have a measure by which to discern your actions. You can ask yourself whether an action advances your values and beliefs or doesn’t. If not, move on and spend your energy in alignment with yourself and you will become even more yourself.

Try it. Let me know.

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Ashley Madison Hack Exposes Our Sexual Shame

Shame, let alone sexual shame, is a topic that does not get much discussion but I’ve been thinking about shame often these days as I review what’s working and what’s next in my life. “Shame on you for doing coupleformxyz,” is something most of us hear from our parents. Most of the topic of shame seems to revolve around sexual shame once you get to adulthood. But what is shame and why wish it on someone?

Shame is not an emotion. To me, shame – especially sexual shame, is a social control mechanism. Usually it is applied to girls and women, but it is not an exclusive feminine domain. Sexual shame is dictated by society based on judgments about “good vs bad” and “wrong vs right.” That’s probably why is it so often applied to women. It’s been an effective social control device for most of our history. Our sexual shame is a learned behavior.

Sexual Shame and Ashley Madison

Now the Ashley Madison hack has exposed hundred of thousands of married people willing to cheat on their spouses. Only three tiny towns in the U.S. were immune from the allure of Ashley Madison. Yet, when names became public, sexual shame rose up like a giant nuclear mushroom cloud. Tearful television confessions, even suicides, have followed in the wake of the hack of the website Ashley Madison. And it all stems from our shame about our bodies and sex. Such a sad commentary on our society.

With all the high-def televisions and the emphasis that our culture places on youth, most middle age women have convinced themselves that they are not beautiful or sexy or worthy of being adored. The amount of body shame is enormous. We cannot believe that anyone would desire us now that ____ (fill in the blank – scars, flab, moles, impotence, wrinkles). Again, body shame is not the exclusive province of women. Men are concerned about impotence as well as the amount of hair and where it is, their skinny legs or whatever.

So we flaunt sexual images to sell products and services, but we can’t talk to partners about what we like, our limitations, or our body shame. Instead we open accounts seeking anonymous physical intimacy and when our desires are exposed we cry and even kill ourselves. There is something very wrong with us.

So let’s start healing this sexual shame. Let it begin with you. Have an honest dialogue with your partner. Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. When shame, especially sexual shame, comes up, take a look at it. Where’s it coming from? Do you really believe its underlying premise? Examine it and discard the crap that is no longer true for you. In the same way that Louise Hay believes that healing your emotions can heal your body, radical honesty can heal our sexual shame.



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The Artist’s Way Book

So much time has flown by without an update. I wanted you to know about The Artist’s Way book and art club, since that has occupied my time.

The Joyful Artist Studio has been officially closed since November. I’ve not found a new home for it (or me) yet.  At this time, it’s an Artist’s Way book club. We will begin again on September 1st. If you’re interested in joining an Artist’s Way book club group and live around Lake Worth, check it out.

If you don’t know about the Artist’s Way book, it’s a classic by Julia Cameron. The Artist’s Way book spurs you to examine your beliefs, how you treat yourself and your art, and helps you catapult your creativity in a supportive environment with other creatives.

The thing that tends to happen, like any book, we start out with good intentions. Along about week seven or eight, something else takes precedence and BOOM, we fall off the beam and many never return to finish the Artist’s Way book. The book club gives you some accountability. The simple art and craft projects help you get back in the flow.

Artist’s Way Book Club Facebook Group

Not only do you have the support of other creatives at the weekly meetings, you also get to join a secret Facebook group of others who have completed the Artist’s Way book and art club. The group provides ongoing inspiration and just keeps growing and getting better with each round of the Artist’s Way book club.

You also get invited to a monthly playdate with all the alums of the club. It’s a time to check in, hold yourself accountable and have some fun with us. 😊

So if you’re stuck in rut, feeling like you lost your groove, come discover how the Artist’s Way book and art club can get you back in the flow of creativity and life.

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First Quarter

Wow did we already finish the first quarter of 2014? Where is the time going? I just realized that I hadn’t been here in awhile so I stopped by and was surprised to see the New Year’s Questions still up on the site with a new year post. Oh well, good intentions gone awry.

Mom placed on Hospice last month so her condition is deteriorating or accelerating, depending on your perspective. She got a Booda chair so she can be positioned to stay upright as she fades out. Planning to see her next week in person, after a three month hiatus.

If you haven’t seen it, please check out my new art studio website Joyful Artist Studio and Creative Lab. If you are local, come by and play with us!

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